May 27 - June 18, 2017


G-Vegas Volleyball to Host

State Games SC Volleyball Tournament

2018 competitions took place on May 12, 2018 at Northwest Park.

The 2018 Event has finished. Check back for details on the 2019 State Games Volleyball Championship.

Juniors Compete for State Games South Carolina Medals

Entry Fees

Early Registration before Monday midnight, May 7 is $35 per player ($40/player in AA/Open) and includes free tee-shirt.

  • Doubles** (BB/B and A) – $70 per team. ($80/team in Open) (Non-Medal Events)
  • Juniors* (State Games South Carolina Championship Medal Events)
    • Triples (3v3) –  $90 per team.
    • Quads (4v4) – $120

Standard Registration after Monday midnight, May 7- $40 per player ($45/player in AA/Open).

  • Doubles** (BB/B and A) – $80 per team. ($90/team in Open) (Non-Medal Events)
  • Juniors* (State Games South Carolina Championship Medal Events)
    • Triples (3v3) –  $105 per team.
    • Quads (4v4) – $140 per team

*Junior Teams Compete for State Games South Carolina 1st and 2nd Place Medals
**Coed, Men’s and Women’s Adult Doubles played on Saturday and Sunday are non-medal events.

Refund Policy
In the case of inclement weather, every effort will be made to complete the tournament in its entirety. Fees are non-refundable if the tournament is canceled, shortened, or otherwise modified in any way due to inclement weather.

Gold and Silver medals will be given to the 1st and 2nd place Junior Teams respectively in each division. Only players listed on the official roster will receive medals. Teams that medal will be invited to represent the state of South Carolina in the 2019 & 2021 State Games of America competitions in Lynchburg, VA.

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Great Hotel Rates Available

State Games South Carolina has identified several hotels with competitive rates that are convenient to the volleyball venue. Stay in downtown Greenville, SC to experience the charm of main street, or choose a hotel closer to your venue.


Rules & Regulations


  • Adults Co-Ed Doubles (Non-Medal Events)
    • Open/AA – Players with expert skills
    • A – Players with advanced skills
    • BB/ B – Players with intermediate/beginner skills
  • Juniors Triples (State Games South Carolina Championship Medal Events)
    • *U12 Division: 4 vs 4 (U12 is the only junior division that plays as 4v4 instead of 3v3)
    • U13/14 Division: 3 vs 3
    • U15 Division: 3 vs 3
    • U17 Division: 3 vs 3

Gold & Silver medals will be awarded to the top two teams in the Junior Team divisions.

Check-In Procedures

Co-Ed Doubles on Saturday

Check-In Opens:       9:00 am
Check-In CLOSES:   9:40 am
Player’s Meeting:      10:00 am

State Games of South Carolina
JUNIORS on Saturday

Check-In Opens:       9:30 am
Check-In CLOSES:   10:00 am
Player’s Meeting:    10:15 am

**Please be on time. Players who are late are assessed a $10 late fee and may be penalized points and/or forfeited games. To be clear, we don’t want late fee money or forfeited points/ games, we just want to honor everyone’s time and start on time.

Competition Format

The tournament will consist of pool play in the morning followed by seeded bracket play in the afternoon. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of each adult division and merchandise prizes for Junior divisions.**

We will provide fruit, snacks, drinks, music & fun. Please bring plenty of water and sunscreen.

If you’re looking for a team, feel free to post your division/skill level on the tournament Facebook page  and we’ll do our best to connect you with a team.

**If a division has less than 4 teams, they may be merged with another division. Divisions must have 4 teams minimum to receive cash payout. B Division receives merchandise prizes.

All South Carolina residents, college students and military personnel who have lived in the state of South Carolina for at least 30 days prior to the day of competition and meet the specific requirements for their sport of interest may compete. South Carolina residents attending college or serving in the military in another state are also eligible to compete. Teams may roster out-of-state players if they can prove those players have been playing with the team all season.

Whenever applicable, we will use the USAV rules of play, unless noted below.
1. There will be no gender hit rule in effect.
2. Coed 3’s & 4’s will have a roster max of 5. A minimum of one female must be on the court, at all times, in either division.
3. There will be no player rotation, other than for service order, observed in the tournament.
4. Substitutions should be made on dead balls and to the service position. There will be no limit.
5. Each team will have one .30 sec timeout per set during Elimination matches only. No timeouts will be awarded during Round – Robin matches.
6. A “ghost rule” will be in effect for teams not able to field complete rosters. For instance, a team fielding fewer than designated number of players will “side-out” during the serve of the sixth position they are not fielding. A rally point will be awarded to the other team during this “side-out”.
7. Players may go completely under the net to play the ball, but may not interfere with an opposing player.
8. Rally scoring will be observed for all matches.
9. ( Round – Robin Games )
Round – Robin matches will be 2 sets to 15 (with a cap of 17). This will apply to indoor/beach.
Matches will be scored as follows: 3 points for a win (2-0), 1 point for a tie (1-1), 0 points for a loss, 1 point for a loss when scoring 10+ points.
If teams are tied at the end of the Round – Robin, we will look at overall points given up for our Tie-breaker.
Top overall points will be our #1 seed going into the Elimination Round.
10. ( Elimination Games )
Elimination matches will be best 2/3 sets to 21 (with a cap of 25). If a third set is played, it will be to 15 (with a cap of 17). Teams will switch sides of the court at 8 points.

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Sports Commissioner
Frank McCravy


Northwest Park
8109 White Horse Rd
Greenville, SC 29617

July 1, 2017